Handmade willow wand

  • $16.95

The wand in the picture is the wand you will receive! 

This beautiful small willow wand was handcrafted  from a respectfully gathered fallen willow branch found in Burlington VT. The base end and top are flattened, smoothed and cauterized. This helps make it easier if one wishes to later add their own gemstones or crystals to give it more of a personalized touch. Light natural rub added to wood.

~This wand will be cleansed of negativity before shipped. 

Properties and powers of the sacred Willow include: Moon Magic, Rebirth, Binding, Enchantments, Rights of Passage, Intuition, Adaptability, Protection, Communication, and Flexibility to name a few. Willow is associated and aligned with the element water and has a strong link to feminine energy. Great for use when 'drawing down the moon' and rituals involving emotions, healing, and love.