Ash and Oak Wand

  • $40.95

This wooden magic wand measures 13 1/4 inches, is lathe turned and painted.It is made from Red Oak and Ash woods.

Oak wood is known as Wizard Wood, this wood is perhaps the strongest. Draws off the element of fire, as well as lightning. Seeks a powerful companion, a guardian and liberator. Excellent for protection, defensive, prosperity, sacrifice and power house spells. Robust and true, Oak is strongly rooted in the earth and easily channels natural life energies. Slow and steady growing, Oak helps one intuitively focus on the task at hand.

Ash wood is known as the father of trees. If you seek knowledge, absorbing illness and healing spells, aiding in communication, Ash is your wood. It is often used for protection. Drawing its power from water, ash seeks a healing companion with focus and strength of purpose.